The Cheapest Way to Get Diapers!

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How to Save Money on Diapers

Diapers are one of the biggest expenses of raising a baby.  What are some tips on saving money on diapers? (OTHER than using cloth diapers- I’m not willing to go to quite that extreme. I know several moms who have chosen to take that route and I have nothing but complete respect and admiration for them. But personally I don’t think I could do it. I like disposable diapers). This was a question that Alex and I had when we were preparing for our new arrival. We did some research to see how we could get around this big expense and save as much money as possible.

So what’s the cheapest possible way to buy diapers?

And the winner is (drumroll please) . . .

how to save money on diapers

Amazon mom! I’m a fan. When you first sign up, you get a free 3-month trial. We didn’t plan on ordering any other baby stuff besides diapers, so we decided to go ahead and order all our diapers in bulk during our free trial (which was kind of taking a risk because we didn’t have a chance to see if we liked what we ordered. But we figured that all diapers are pretty much the same, right?)

We had the diapers delivered to Alex’s parents house –  4 gigantic boxes.  It was pretty funny. It worked for us since we had space to store all of it, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you don’t have much storage space – because those boxes are HUGE.

Note: Make sure you use the “Subscribe and Save” option because that’s how you’ll get them the cheapest! (And just don’t forget to unsubscribe after the first shipment!)

You can only have the free trial once, so we’ll have to actually sign up for the year-long subscription when we order diapers for our next child. After the free trial, it’s $79 a year, but for the value you get it’s probably worth it.

Why it’s worth it:

  • Way less stress. It’s SO nice not to have to ever worry about running out of diapers. I don’t have to remember to pick up more diapers at the grocery store, and since we’ve already paid for it all we don’t have to include it in our budget every month.
  • Way cheaper. Looking back, we ended up spending only 350ish dollars for almost 3000 diapers, shipping included. That’s about 11 cents a diaper. In all, we saved a lot of money by going this route.
  • You can also get good deals on other baby items (or so I hear. All we wanted was diapers so we didn’t stick around long enough to enjoy other Amazon Mom benefits).

What’s the Cheapest Diaper Brand?


We looked through all the brands on Amazon and found the cheapest one to be Luvs. They don’t have the little line that changes color when it’s wet (like huggies diapers do), but who cares. It was about 10 cents a diaper on average (price varies a little depending on which size you get). The only thing is, they don’t sell newborn size. But that’s OK. Really, we could have probably gotten away with size 1s. Newborn size is probably only essential for super tiny babies).

How Many Diapers Will a Baby Need?

So we ordered 3 boxes (on average) of each size (1-4). About 2,800 diapers in all. We figured that would take care of all of Nephi’s diaper needs during the first couple years. But we haven’t even been using all of them before he grows out of them. We might even have enough size 1s and 2s to almost completely cover our next child I think. Sweet!

UPDATE: Just so you know, it’s been about 2 years since I wrote this post, and there’s a few changes to note. First, it seems the price has gone up a tid bit (for example – size 1s are now 12 cents each instead of 10 cents each). But that’s just to be expected I think. Also, I’ve come to realize that, at least for sizes 5 and 6, you can actually get diapers cheaper through Western Family. (Amazon mom price is 25 & 28 cents a diaper for those sizes whereas Western Family is 22 & 25 cents each). But then again, that might just be because of the amazing prices at Lolo’s – so I’m not sure if it’s universally cheaper.  I calculated it out, and the other sizes seemed pretty comparable to Amazon mom. I think I’ll still order most of them on Amazon mom though, just because it beats the hassle of having to get them at the store every time (and who knows if they’ll hike the price in the next year or so). Lastly, it’s worth noting that apparently you can get the free trial more than once! – if it’s been a couple years. Hooray! (This is probably because Amazon figures that most people in the U.S. nowadays don’t have more than 1 or 2 kids anyways).



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    Good job! This is a great article!

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    That’s a lot of diapers! We’re using cloth, but your method looks very tempting…

    1. Rebecca

      More power to ya! Someday maybe I’ll get brave enough to do that. Thanks for commenting :)

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