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Sep 10

Delicious White Chicken Chili Soup

I recently discovered one of my favorite soups ever! I’ve decided it needs to become a staple at our house. I got this recipe from my cousin, Heather Dixon. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! White Chicken Chili First, you need: 1 lb chicken breast in pieces (can add more or less if …

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Sep 06

Creative Alternative to Water Balloons!

I recently went to a family reunion where we played water games and I thought that this idea was genius. Perfect for water fights! It’s kind of a mix between a hose and squirt gun and a water balloon – a long snake water balloon that is reusable and doesn’t pop! What’s the secret? Surgical …

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Aug 07

How to Make Giant Bubbles!

This is one of my favorite summer time activities! My mom introduced me to it, and we’ve done it at family reunions, parties, etc.! It’s so fun and simple that I have to share. The lovely lady in the pictures is my 92 year old grandma 🙂   How to Make the Bubble Solution:   …

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Jul 28

Chinese Chicken Noodle Salad

This is my favorite go-to recipe when I’m looking for something easy, cheap, and yummy to bring to a potluck or just something quick to whip together for lunch. My mom’s recipe. I love this salad! Chinese Chicken Noodle Salad Place on cookie sheet, and broil the following in the oven until golden brown: 1 …

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Mar 22

Easy Way to Keep Apples from Turning Brown

I found my new favorite way to keep apples from turning brown! My mom introduced me to this technique a few days ago. She uses it all the time when packing school lunches for my younger sisters, and they love it. It’s called “True Lemon” (crystallized lemon). She found it in the spice section of …

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Mar 19

Object Lesson Idea: Teaching about the Atonement

I think that it can sometimes be difficult to clearly explain the law of justice and the law of mercy, and how the atonement fits into this. It’s kind of deeper doctrine that can seem a little abstract. Anyway, I found this object lesson to be quite clever- a great way to help visualize these …

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Mar 07

Review of Emmanuel’s Fresh Mexican Grill in Provo

Feeling like Mexican? I recommend trying out Emmanuel’s Fresh Mexican Grill in Provo. It’s become my favorite restaurant recently! I’m very impressed. The food is great and the price is right. Note: I’m going to try to make this review as detailed as possible to hopefully be of help to any first-time goers who might …

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Mar 06

Some Thoughts on Charity

I’ve been thinking a lot about charity, and discovered some really cool insights, which I want to share! Charity is Pure Moroni 7:47 tells us that Charity is the pure love of Christ. A pure substance is one that is free from any kind of contamination. It is only that substance, not tainted with anything else. Later …

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Mar 05

Inspirational Quotes about the Holy Ghost!

Here are some of my favorite quotes on the Holy Ghost! While on my mission, I gained a greater understanding of the roles and functions of the spirit, and I really came to see how crucial it is in our lives. The Gift of the Holy Ghost affects everything and obtaining/maintaining it should be absolutely …

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Jan 02

How to Sprout Wheat (Without a Sprouting Jar)

I recently learned how to sprout wheat. It’s so easy! I’ve heard that sprouting a kernel of wheat increases its nutrition by 600%. Wow, that’s a lot! I don’t know if that’s really true, but I sure do feel healthy when I eat them. I’ve tried doing it with hard red wheat as well as …

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Jan 01

How to Make Pansit Bihon (Filipino Rice Noodles)

Pansit Bihon is one of my favorite Filipino dishes. And it’s pretty easy to make. There are different types of Pansit (or rice noodles) in the Philippines. Pansit Canton uses noodles that are much bigger, kind of like spaghetti noodles. My personal favorite is the kind that uses finer noodles, or bihon.  Ingredients: 1 (16 …

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Dec 03

Quotes about the Iron Rod (Lehi’s Dream)

I love the rich symbolism of Lehi’s vision of the tree of life. I think it’s one of the best parables we could ever study because I believe that it nothing else is as applicable to life right now than it is. The more I study about it, the more layers of meaning I uncover …

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Nov 23

Quotes about Lehi’s Dream (the Tree of Life)

Here are a few quotes I really like about the significance of Lehi’s dream of the Tree of Life. Some of these quotes are ones that really sparked in me the desire to study about the vision of the Tree of Life in more depth, which led me develop a great love for this wonderful …

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Oct 11

My Favorite Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

Pinterest tested! I’ve got to share this yummy (and healthy!) homemade whole wheat bread recipe. I tried it for the first time last week, and I’m hooked. We ate up a whole loaf within an hour after making it because it’s so good right hot out of the oven, especially with honey and butter (that was …

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Sep 01

Purple Chinese Chicken Salad (Red Cabbage Recipe)

I was looking on Pinterest looking for red cabbage recipes, and couldn’t find much. We’ve been trying to eat way healthier lately, in an attempt to move towards a more ‘whole foods plant based’ type of diet. Mostly I’m just trying to cook with more veggies and less meat. Last week I got a head of …

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Aug 30

Toasted Almond Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad is one of my favorite things to make (and eat!) Here’s my recipe for it. I can’t remember where I learned to make it-from Pinterest or what. I’ve found that it lends itself very well to experimentation. I’ve added in hard-boiled eggs, carrots, broccoli, apples, cranberries, etc. and it always seems to come …

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Aug 20

3 General Conference Talks That Changed my Life

1. The Nourishing Power of Hymns If you haven’t read this talk by Elder Jay E. Jensen, you have to read it. It’s life-changing. At least it was for me.   The Power of Hymns to Invite the Spirit Probably the most significant way that this talk changed my life was by strengthening my testimony …

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Aug 07

Tagalog Christian Quotes (Inspirational)

Here are some uplifting LDS quotes in Tagalog for Filipinos who might chance upon it (I served my mission in the Philippines). Recently I felt impressed to create a Filipino Christian Quotes facebook page as a way to spread uplifting quotes and to be able to share the gospel with Filipinos around the world. Here …

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Jul 31

Best Chocolate Zucchini Bread EVER w/Orange Zest

So, I think this is my all-time favorite zucchini bread recipe. Or sweet bread recipe, for that matter. I had never thought of using orange zest in chocolate zucchini bread, but it was the perfect combination–the orange zest just made it really good. It kind of reminded me of chocolate oranges at Christmastime (and all …

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Jul 26

My Favorite Homemade Granola Recipe

I love homemade granola. My mom makes this recipe a lot and it has become our favorite. I love that it has both walnuts and almonds in it. I haven’t experimented much with adding other ingredients yet, but I really want to try adding dates, dried cranberries, dried bananas, etc. sometime. So here’s the recipe! Ingredients …

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