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Sep 23

The Bounce House in Orem! (Review)

I found my new favorite place! We recently went to “The Bounce House” in Orem for Nephi’s birthday. We wanted to go somewhere fun like a trampoline place or somewhere with inflatables he could bounce on. We were already familiar with HangTime, Lowe’s Extreme Air Sports, Jump-On-It, and the Classic Skating Fun Center, but after discovering this new place, …

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Sep 06

Creative Alternative to Water Balloons!

I recently went to a family reunion where we played water games and I thought that this idea was genius. Perfect for water fights! It’s kind of a mix between a hose and squirt gun and a water balloon – a long snake water balloon that is reusable and doesn’t pop! What’s the secret? Surgical …

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Aug 07

How to Make Giant Bubbles!

This is one of my favorite summer time activities! My mom introduced me to it, and we’ve done it at family reunions, parties, etc.! It’s so fun and simple that I have to share. The lovely lady in the pictures is my 92 year old grandma 🙂   How to Make the Bubble Solution:   …

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Mar 07

Review of Emmanuel’s Fresh Mexican Grill in Provo

Feeling like Mexican? I recommend trying out Emmanuel’s Fresh Mexican Grill in Provo. It’s become my favorite restaurant recently! I’m very impressed. The food is great and the price is right. Note: I’m going to try to make this review as detailed as possible to hopefully be of help to any first-time goers who might …

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May 10

How To Make a Baby Graduation Cap and Gown

Here’s a tutorial about how to sew a baby graduation cap and gown! The Finished Product:  As you can see, the cap and gown turned out darling, and the little graduate looked very cute. We simply overlapped the flaps in front, but a safety pin would have held it down better. All right, here you …

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